# Artist onboarding steps

# Artist Onboarding Flow

Artist Onboarding Process-1-page-001
Artist Onboarding Process-1-page-001

Below, you'll find an overview of each step of our onboarding process, as well as an , estimated time required for each step.

# 1. Application

You may apply using this link. We expect that artists have a creative history and the ability to provide an original generative script. If you plan to work collaboratively, please provide complete information for all contributors. All submitted work must be original. We do not intend to release projects that use licensed, purchased, or recycled content. Please make sure you’re bringing your unique project to Art Blocks. You will receive a project shell on our staging site when you apply. This project shell is where you will upload your project to Art Blocks for review. Only the wallet address connected to Art Blocks will have access to the project shell when applying. The shell creation ensures that all projects are compatible with Art Blocks and reviewed using a standard format.

To learn more about the application process please visit artblocks.io/apply.

# 2. Upload to testnet

You'll be asked to upload your project to the artist staging site on the Goerli test network. Here you can mint test outputs of your project and work out any kinks in your script before the Art Blocks selection committee reviews it.

Ensure the work has a project description that explains the work's technical, aesthetic, and conceptual approaches. Prototypes should have 20-40 mints, as well as feature traits. Also include an artist profile and links to any ancillary material about the work on the project page. To confirm you’ve included everything in your staging shell, refer to the [Testnet Checklist] (testnet-checklist.md). Required fields are marked in testnet with a “📄: fields required for artist screening” indication. As you are uploading to testnet, you only need to fill in fields with this indication.

Please note that all Art Blocks team members are working within US time zones, which means that there may be a delay in processing requests.

Timeline: Artist-dependent, but most artists spend about 1 week on this step

# 3. Script test runs and project review

Before Art Blocks considers projects for release, the project must be completely finished and uploaded to artist-staging.artblocks.io. All staging shells must have 20-40 mints, a project description, an artist bio, and features traits that follow the conceptual and formal logic of the collection. We are superseding the chronological queue of applications. When your project is ready for review, you must email apply@artblocks.io indicating you are ready to be considered for release.

All prototypes should be completely finished before review. The team will let you know when the work will be screened and give you a timeline for the acceptance decision.

Successful projects will go through two screenings, the first is mediated by an internal committee on the Art Blocks team, and the second is by the Art Blocks Curation Board. Art Blocks Curation Board members are responsible for reviewing, critiquing, and selecting projects included in Art Blocks’ Curated Collection, a group of projects that have been recognized for significant accomplishment in aesthetics, conceptual rigor, technical quality, and innovation. Releasing on Art Blocks is a selective process, and projects should be outstanding in their aesthetics, innovation, technical quality, and concept. We are currently accepting 10% of projects submitted to release. Artists will receive, upon acceptance to the platform, the product category under which they will release, Presents or Curated, and collection size and pricing recommendations. Artists are provided clear and constructive feedback, opportunities to engage with artists, curators and collectors to promote learning, inquiry, and dialogue with on-chain generative art, and lastly, hands-on support in marketing and writing about the work. We appreciate your patience as you wait to be reviewed, accepted, and on-boarded onto Art Blocks.

Projects are selected for release based on the criteria outlined here: Project scoring rubric v1

If your project is selected, you'll move into the Creator Terms step.

Timeline: 3-6 weeks

# 4. Creator terms

Our team will send you Art Blocks' Creator Terms via email to sign. These documents include Creator Terms and a W-9 or W-8 form that is necessary for Art Blocks to pay you artist royalties. In addition, you will be asked to complete an Artist Information Form to collate your artist bio, recent exhibitions, projects, and press. You can move forward once we have received the proper paperwork.

Timeline: Artist dependent. Typically 1-2 days

# 5. Discord DM Created

Once creator terms have been accepted, the artist will be connected with the Art Team to prepare their project for release. Curated projects will be connected with the Artistic Director for 1:1 studio visit. You will have the opportunity to incorporate feedback from the selection review before moving to mainnet.

Timeline: 7-10 days

# 6. Finalize your script and do QA testing

After you’ve received notes from the Curation Board and made final edits to your project, our team will audit your script. Art Blocks’ audit ensures the project meets the technical requirements of the platform. During the audit, your project will be checked for security concerns and consistency across different resolutions and aspect ratios will be verified. Your script can be minified for the audit.

Timeline: 5-7 days

# 8. Finalizations and upload to mainnet

Once the audit is complete, you'll move on to the mainnet finalization stage and get your project ready for launch, as either Curated or Presents.

Timeline: Artist-dependent, but most artists spend about 1 week on this step

# 9. Finalize project logistics and schedule project launch

Lock in series size, price mechanics (Dutch Auction, Linear Auction, or Fixed Price), launch date, revenue splits, and charity component for your project. For more information about price mechanics, revenue splits, and the charity component, please see our FAQs. For more information about price mechanics and the charity component, please see our FAQs. Art Blocks releases three projects weekly; due to the number of artists in our pipeline, there is often a 2-6 week runway for release. After you have scheduled your project for release, you may begin promoting the project. For tips on marketing, please see our Marketing 101. After your project is scheduled, you must complete our Cover Pages, an official record of the agreed terms. You must complete the document to receive royalty payments.

Timeline: 1-2 days

# 9a. Artist Interview [Curated projects only]

Complete an interview with the Art Team to be published the week of your project launch. This interview will highlight your background, creative history, and Art Blocks project.

Timeline: dependant on release runway

# 10. Project Launch

Congratulations, you have made it! Your project is ready to be unpaused and opened for minting. You can participate in an optional live Pre-Drop Talk on Twitter with one of our Community Team members to answer questions and chat with the community.

Timeline: typically ~4-6 weeks after the completion of Step 8

# 11. Post-Launch

After you’ve released your project, you will be asked to fill out an Art Blocks Feedback Survey. In addition to your feedback, we will inquire about your interest in being considered for commissions, partnerships, contract work, and more with our Art Blocks Engine partners. Please also report charitable donations to your mainnet DM.

You may also personalize your collection layout on OpenSea. Learn how to do so here

Post-launch, you will still have access to your shell, where you can start uploading a new project at your leisure. Once your project has been 100% minted, you may submit another project for review.