# Artist Onboarding Steps

Below you'll find an overview of each step of our onboarding process as well as an estimated time required for each step.

# 1. Application

Applications will remain open indefinitely. You may apply using this application form. We expect that artists have a creative history as well as the ability to provide an original generative script. We process applications in chronological order, prioritizing those with working prototypes. If you plan to work in a collaborative fashion, please provide complete information for all contributors. All submitted work must be original. We do not intend to release projects that use licensed, purchased or recycled content. Please make sure you’re bringing your own unique project to Art Blocks.

To learn more about the application process please visit artblocks.io/learn.

# 2. Script test runs and project review

Our team will review each submission and reach out to you to get an updated version of your working prototype when it's your turn in the queue.

The first screening determines if a work is accepted onto the platform. This screening is conducted by a committee made up of Art Blocks' staff and generative art experts. This review focuses on overall aesthetics, variety in mints, and the degree to which a project explores new territory technically, visually, and conceptually. With an increase in the quantity and quality of submissions, Art Blocks has become increasingly selective, accepting roughly 15 percent of applications.

If your project is selected, you'll move into the Creator Terms step. If it is not selected, you'll receive brief feedback and be invited to apply again.

Note: This stage does not determine if your project will be a Curated or Factory release.

Timeline: 1-2 weeks

# 3. Creator terms

Our team will send you Art Blocks' Creator Terms via email to sign.

Timeline: 1-2 days

# 4. Upload to testnet

Once the terms are signed, you'll be asked to upload your project to the artist staging site on the Ropsten test network. Here you can mint test outputs of your project and work out any kinks in your script before review by the curation board.

We encourage you to mint 40-50 test mints to produce a wide variety before curatorial review. At this stage the creative components of your project should be almost completely finalized and appear the way you would want them to for the official launch.

Timeline: Artist-dependent, but most artists spend about 1 week on this step

# 5. Feedback check

After you’ve successfully uploaded your script to the Ropsten test network you will be connected with a member of the Creative Team for a feedback session. You will have the opportunity to incorporate the critique prior to curation review.

Timeline: 7-10 days

# 6. Curation review

Our Curation Board reviews your project and test mints and determines whether it's approved for an Art Blocks Curated release. If not, you'll be able to launch your project as a regular deployment on Art Blocks Factory. For more information about the differences between the two, please see our FAQs.

Timeline: 7-10 days

# 7. Finalizations and upload to mainnet

Whether your project is Curated or Factory, you'll move on to the mainnet finalization stage and get your project ready for launch. Here you can make any final minor tweaks before uploading your project to mainnet.

Timeline: Artist-dependent, but most artists spend about 1 week on this step

# 8. Finalize project logistics and schedule project launch

Lock in series size, price mechanics (dutch auction or fixed price), launch date, and charity component for your project.

Timeline: 1-2 days

# 8b. Artist interview [Curated projects only]

Complete an interview with Jeff Davis, our Chief Creative Officer, to be published before your project launch. This interview will highlight your background, creative history, and your Art Blocks project.

Timeline: 1 day

# 9. Project launch

Congratulations, you have made it! Your project is ready to be unpaused and opened for minting.

You can participate in an optional live pre-launch talk with one of our team members to answer questions and chat with the community.

Once your project is 100% minted, you'll move into our cooldown period (2 months between Factory and Playground projects and 6 months between Curated projects), which is the amount of time we require between new project submissions.

Timeline: typically ~2 weeks after the completion of step 7