# Charitable Donation Information

To maintain our commitment to charitable giving, we ask artists to consider donating 25% of profits above resting price via Dutch auction to an eligible charity of their choice. To whom and how you donate is up to you but you should consider whether the charity or the cause you are donating to qualifies under United States tax laws as a charity/cause that is qualified to receive tax-deductible donations. We highly recommend consulting with a tax professional to understand your local tax liability, especially if you plan to personally receive all funds before donating. Below answers a number of common questions about how to donate and where to find crypto-friendly charities.

# Where can I find a list of charities that accept crypto donations?

To find a list of charities, you can ask for advice in #artist-general and check the pinned messages for a charity guide.

If the charity you’d like to donate to is not crypto-friendly, we recommend checking out endaoment.org. They are a 501c(3) that enables on-chain donations to any US-based 501c(3) via a Donor Advised Fund (DAF). This method can also be done fully on-chain, so the donations never touch your personal wallet.

# How can I donate to charity?

Here are a few donation options:

1) On-chain donations through Endaoment.org

Endaoment is a 501c(3) organization that accepts crypto and distributes donations to any US-based 501c(3) charity in good standing with the IRS. Donations through Endaoment are set at the contract level and automatically routed at the time of payment without touching your wallet (and potentially avoiding tax liability).

To use Endaoment, go to Endaoment.org and create a fund. Then, enter ndao.eth in the additional payee field. If using the additional payee field for donations, this field can be cleared before lowering to resting price. Once you’ve created the fund, contact Dan (Druid#4611 on Discord) with your fund’s URL and project number. Once your project launches and the money is in your Endaoment Fund, you can send donations in any amount to any charity in the US. Many artists prefer this route so they can support many charities with smaller donations rather than one charity with one large donation. Please note - Endaoment charges 1.5% to receive, convert, and send money to a charity.

You can also find a tutorial of how to use Endaoment here

2) Create a second wallet

If you’d like to create a second wallet separate from your personal wallet, you can enter the wallet's address in the additional payee field to collect the total donation amount you intend to donate. If using the additional payee field for donations, this field can be cleared before lowering to resting price.

3) Receive funds in your primary wallet

If you’d like to receive all funds from your project’s sale in your primary wallet, that’s fine, but please communicate the total donations with Art Blocks and the community. Please be aware that receiving money in your personal wallet may incur tax obligations and reduce the total donation amount.

# How do I remove charitable giving information from the additional payee field mid-Dutch Auction?

If charity information is entered as an additional payee field and you would like to remove this information prior to decreasing your tier below 0.25 ETH, please adjust the additional payee field to either 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000 or to your own wallet address and adjust the additional payee percentage to 0% before submitting the next price tier. These fields cannot be blank once the dutch auction has begun.

# What has Art Blocks donated to charity in the past?

To learn more about Art Blocks commitment to charitable giving, see our Charity on Chain: 2021 Wrap-Up.