# Discord

# What is Discord?

Discord is a free communications app that lets users share voice, video, and text chat with friends and various communities. Historically, its largest use case has been gaming-related but now with over 150 million monthly active users, the communities have blossomed across technology, art, music, investing universities, and fashion.

If you’re brand new to Discord, reviewing this Beginner’s Guide may be helpful as you set up your account.

# Why does Art Blocks use Discord?

Art Blocks Discord server is a virtual real-time hub for the Art Blocks community. Our server hosts over 46,000 members who collect, discuss, and learn about Art Blocks and generative art on a daily basis. It allows us to organize information into relevant and easily searchable topics and help artists connect directly with their collectors. Discord also allows for neat Bot integrations that keep the community safe and engaged such as Sales reporting and our own custom Bot, ArtBot!

# How is our Server organized?

Our server is subdivided into various Category topics and beneath those Channel topics. Major Categories include Announcements, Info, Social, Trading, and Curated Artists. Some of these are read-only (Announcements & Info) but most allow for active communication. Additionally, as an Artist, you will have access to private Discord channels to receive updates from the Art Blocks team and connect with other Art Blocks artists! There are a large number of channels so don’t worry if it takes some time to become orientated.

# As an artist, in what channels should I be spending my time?

Wherever you enjoy! But we have some special channels for you as well as advice on engaging with the community:

# #artist-announcements

This is for all Art Blocks artists to share announcements regarding an upcoming Art Blocks drop. Additionally, an artist may post a message if they are sharing info on physical mints, have upcoming exhibits, or an external site with an explanation of a project, cutting the total # of mints/setting the last day for their project to be open.

# #artist-general (private)

General discussion for Art Blocks artists. Most private updates from the team will be shared here too.

# #artist-tech (private)

Tech-focused discussion for artists.

# #artist-project-feedback (private)

Channel for feedback from other artists on your Art Blocks works in progress.

# #curated-artists (private)

Channel for Curated Artists.

# #os (private)

To report any issues or scam collections to OpenSea.

# #block-talk

Our most popular channel with 50k+ messages a month. This is where a majority of discussion takes place and culture is shaped. Topics are primarily generative art and NFTs but can vary widely on daily events and which members are present.

ArtBot also has the most functionality here. Users can call any Art Blocks project and output at their will and sales are posted live as they occur.

Although discussion can move at a rapid pace, engaging here with the community will have the greatest reward for you as a new artist. Feel free to lurk and get a feel for the discussion but even reacting with emojis/GIFs will help the community become familiar with your name (Remember, as an artist you will have a special Role in the server including an Orange colored handle!).

# #ab-only-project-share

For sharing your works-in-progress with the community. Sharing outputs on a regular basis here is a great way to get the community interested in an unannounced project and feel involved in the creation process.