# OpenSea Personalization

Artists will now automatically be added as editors to their Art Blocks project's OpenSea collection! Collection access will be based on the wallet address that created each collection (the same as the wallet in the artist address field under the danger tab in the back end of your AB project). Artists will not have access to adjust royalty information or payment token options. To maintain consistent branding across AB collections, collection banner images will revert to AB’s default image if adjusted.

# Please read the following to understand the OS field and what you may adjust:

# Logo image

This image will also be used for navigation. 350 x 350 recommended. this should be a mint from your project or a branded logo for your project. OS accepts gifs as logo images, so this can be animated!

# Featured image

This image will be used for featuring your collection on the homepage, category pages, or other promotional areas of OpenSea. 600 x 400 recommended. This should be a mint from your project or a branded logo for your project. OS accepts gifs as featured images, so this can be animated!

This field cannot be altered by artists. while you can submit an alternative banner image, your banner image will revert to Art Blocks’ default banner once submitted. This is to maintain consistency across AB collections.

# Project description

We ask that you do not change your project description. project descriptions currently match the descriptions entered in your Art Blocks project shells. To maintain consistency between AB and OS, please keep your collection’s project description.

# Social connections:
  • Twitter (optional): feel free to connect your Twitter handle to your collection
  • Links: personal website: keep this link as your Art Blocks project link. This is important for maintaining a connection to your collection page on Art Blocks. Please do not change this link to your website.
  • Discord (optional): if you have a personal discord server, include the link here. You can also link to Art Blocks’ Discord server by adding /artblocks
  • Instagram handle (optional): add your Instagram handle here
  • Medium handle (optional): add your Medium handle here
  • Telegram handle (optional): add your Telegram handle here
# Display theme (padded/contained/covered)

For consistency across collections, please keep this setting contained.

# Toggling attribute-based collection

Allow people to make collection offers based on a specific attribute. You may turn this on if you’d like once your collection is sold out/once your attributes are finalized and won't change in the future.