# Project Pricing: Dutch Auction Settings

This resource intends for artists to better understand exponential Dutch auction settings. Dutch auctions are the recommended model for project economics. The project pricing model has been updated to allow for more price discovery based on market conditions.

Dutch Auction settings are based on the project collection type (Curated vs. Presents) and whether the project is the first release by the artist. For exponential Dutch auctions, artists specify the starting price, ending price, and half-life for price drops. Each collection is assigned a recommended starting value and maximum resting price guided by the collection size and series category. The recommended starting price is the value you should use for the start of the auction. The maximum resting price refers to the base price of an auction; this is the final price tier of the auction sequence.

Art Blocks recommends using exponential decay with these values for no longer than an hour. We will monitor market conditions and adjust these values as needed over time. If you'd like to explore a project size of less than 100, alternate sales mechanics, or have an established sales history outside of these parameters, please speak with Art Blocks’ Art Team for a specialized recommendation.

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# Price Reductions

A project's pricing cannot be altered after release. Instead, you may reduce your project size but must run the change by the Art Blocks Art Team in your [M_] DM on Discord. We recommend waiting at least 4 weeks before reducing collection size.

Our contract automatically locks projects FOUR WEEKS after their final mint.

Note: If the artist reduces maxInvocations to current invocations, that tx is considered the start of the four-week timer until lock.