# PBAB Partner Onboarding Steps

A high-level overview of the steps required to onboard as a PBAB partner and launch your project.

# 1. Initial outreach

Interested in partnering with Art Blocks to launch a generative NFT project? Reach out to info@artblocks.io to get started. We'll discuss your needs, explain what we do and don't offer in a partnership, and align on expectations and next steps.

Timeline: typically 1-3 weeks, but dependent on the current pipeline of partnerships

# 2. Project scope

If our current partnership offerings seem like a good fit, the Art Blocks team will work with you to determine the basic scope and framework of the PBAB project.

Timeline: ~1-2 weeks

# 3. Contract agreement

Once the project objectives and scope are agreed upon, you'll work with our operations team to sign our partnership agreement. All projects include a $10k initial setup fee.

Timeline: less than 1 week

# 4. Smart contract details

You'll provide our engineering team with:

  1. the Ethereum address you'll use to manage/own your set of PBAB smart contracts
  2. the name you want to use for tokens from your contract (e.g. for Art Blocks it is "Art Blocks")
  3. the ticker you want to use for tokens from your contract (e.g. for Art Blocks it is "BLOCKS")

Timeline: 1-2 days

# 5. Contract configuration & deployment on Ropsten

Art Blocks configures the smart contract for your project and transfers ownership to your preferred Ethereum address. We deploy the contract on the Ropsten test network to allow for bug testing and test mints.

Timeline: ~ 1 week

# 6. Infrastructure integration (testnet)

Art Blocks will integrate your contracts with our rendering infrastructure and provide access to our staging website for you to be able to perform project onboarding and configuration via the Art Blocks site on the Ropsten test network.

Timeline: ~ 1 week

# 7. Integration with partner site

Your team will integrate your site front-end with the contract created by Art Blocks to test your outputs on the testnet.

Timeline: Varies (dependent on partner)

# 8. Test mints on partner site

Your team ensures the minting process is working on the test network by minting your NFTs using the front-end of your site.

Timeline: Varies (dependent on partner)

# 9. Deployment to mainnet

Art Blocks deploys the mainnet version of your contract and integrates it with our infrastructure.

Timeline: ~1.5 weeks

# 10. Infrastructure integration (mainnet)

Your team integrates the mainnet contract with your site and prepares for mint #0

Timeline: Varies (dependent on partner)

# 11. Mint #0

You can mint your project's first official token via your site!

# 12. Project launch

You can choose a launch date for your project. We recommend at least one week between a successful mint #0 and a go-live date.

Timeline: ~1 week from completion of step 11