# API Overview

An overview of the current Art Blocks APIs.

Quick Links:

  • Token API
  • Generator API
  • Media API/Media Server
  • Art Blocks Subgraph

# Hosted APIs

As a quick overview, the main APIs that exist currently are:

# Token API

Provides the token metadata for a given Art Blocks token.


  • Note: Contract address is required for Engine
Contract Type Pattern Sample
Flagship https:token.artblocks.io/{tokenID} https://token.artblocks.io/0
Engine https:token.artblocks.io/{contractAddress}/{tokenID} https://token.artblocks.io/0x0a1bbd57033f57e7b6743621b79fcb9eb2ce3676/110000


Contract Type Pattern Sample
Flagship https:token.staging.artblocks.io/{contractAddress}/{tokenID} https://token.staging.artblocks.io/0xda62f67be7194775a75be91cbf9feedcc5776d4b/103000000
Engine https:token.staging.artblocks.io/{contractAddress}/{tokenID} https://token.staging.artblocks.io/0x81236b5a105d3ad6b56ac41a03e1fd8893a08859/1000001

# Generator API

Provides an i-frame-able live-view for the art associated with a given Art Blocks token.


  • Note: Contract address is required for Engine
Contract Type Pattern Sample
Flagship https://generator.artblocks.io/{tokenID} https://generator.artblocks.io/0
Engine https://generator.artblocks.io/{contractAddress}/{tokenID} https://generator.artblocks.io/0x0a1bbd57033f57e7b6743621b79fcb9eb2ce3676/11000083


Contract Type Pattern Sample
Flagship https://generator-staging-goerli.artblocks.io/{contractAddress}/{tokenID} https://generator-staging-goerli.artblocks.io/0xda62f67be7194775a75be91cbf9feedcc5776d4b/8000002
Engine https://generator-staging-goerli.artblocks.io/{contractAddress}/{tokenID} https://generator-staging-goerli.artblocks.io/0xe745243b82ebc46e5c23d9b1b968612c65d45f3d/1000001

# Media API/Media server

Provides a static snapshot of the rendered live-view for a given Art Blocks token.

Mainnet (Flagship)

Pattern Sample
https://media.artblocks.io/{tokenID}.png https://media.artblocks.io/0.png

In addition to the standard static renders provided for each token, there are two other static renders currently provided: "HD" and "thumbnail". These items can be found at:

  • HD Renders – https://media.artblocks.io/hd/{tokenID}.png
  • Thumbnail Renders – https://media.artblocks.io/thumb/{tokenID}.png

Please note that these additional static render formats are still currently being back-filled and may not yet be present for all tokens. Our current recommendation for those looking to depend on the "HD" or "thumbnail" responses is to a) first attempt the HD/thumb image resource that you would pefer, b) if this resource is not available, fall back to the standard sized image resource. For the current state of the ongoing backfill of HD and thumbnail assets, please refer to this spreadsheet.

Please also note that the Generator API and Media API links for a given token are included in the token response for that token from the Token API.

Mainnet (Engine)

We are working on a media server for Engine partners. Currently, media is accessible through individual s3 buckets.

Render Type Pattern Sample
Standard https://{enginePartner}-mainnet.s3.amazonaws.com/{tokenID}.png https://bright-moments-mainnet.s3.amazonaws.com/8000000.png
Thumbnail https://{enginePartner}-mainnet.s3.amazonaws.com/thumb/{tokenID}.png https://bright-moments-mainnet.s3.amazonaws.com/thumb/8000000.png


Contract Type Render Type Pattern Sample
Flagship Standard https://art-blocks-artist-staging-goerli.s3.us-west-1.amazonaws.com/{tokenID}.png https://art-blocks-artist-staging-goerli.s3.us-west-1.amazonaws.com/10000000.png
Engine Standard https://{enginePartner}-goerli.s3.amazonaws.com/{tokenID}.png https://bright-moments-goerli.s3.amazonaws.com/1000000.png

# Art Blocks Subgraph

Art Blocks has a GraphQL API Endpoint hosted by The Graph called a subgraph for indexing and organizing data from the Art Blocks smart contracts.

This subgraph can be used to query for on-chain data related to the Art Blocks contracts.

Subgraph information is serviced by a decentralized group of server operators called Indexers.

# Ethereum Mainnet

# Helpful Resources

# The Art Blocks mainnet subgraph can currently be queried a few ways:

The Graph Service Art Blocks Data Limited Secondary Sales Data URL
Hosted Service Yes No https://thegraph.com/hosted-service/subgraph/artblocks/art-blocks
Hosted Service Yes Yes^[1] https://thegraph.com/hosted-service/subgraph/artblocks/art-blocks-with-secondary
Decentralized Graph Network Yes No https://thegraph.com/explorer/subgraph?id=0x3c3cab03c83e48e2e773ef5fc86f52ad2b15a5b0-0

[1] Currently limited to OpenSea & LooksRare

The Art Blocks testnet subgraph can be queried at the URL below:

The Graph Service Art Blocks Data URL
Hosted Service Yes https://thegraph.com/hosted-service/subgraph/artblocks/art-blocks-artist-staging-goerli

Recommendation: Using the above links, familiarize yourself with the subgraph’s schema, via the GraphQL playground.