# Art Blocks Engine Project Launch

A high-level overview of launching new projects on a new Art Blocks Engine contract.

After deploying an Engine contract, you can now create projects on your contract.

To create a new project shell, use the addProject method of your deployed Core Contract. This can be done by connecting to the contract via Etherscan.

For a more in-depth guide on creating new projects on your Engine contract, please see the "Project Shell Deployment Guide".

# Pre-mint-#0 Flight Check

Before minting your first token (#0) on your new project shell, please verify the following.

  1. The baseTokenURI has been set, taking the format of http://token.artblocks.io/{CORE_CONTRACT_ADDRESS}/.
  2. The max invocations for the project have been set on the minter. This is achieved by calling the setProjectMaxInvocations on the Minter contract when connecting with Etherscan, with the project ID of the project to be minted as the parameter. Note: This should only be done after setting this max invocations for the project on the Core Contract itself.
  3. Perform a test-mint in each currency the project accepts (e.g. if the project is planned to use both ETH and some custom ERC20 token for separate stages of the launch, ensure that both minting flows are empirically verified).

# Pre-launch (pre-open-minting) Flight Check

Prior to launching your token for open minting, please verify the following:

  1. The project has been activated by the contract admin. This can be verified by reading the projectTokenInfo field.
  2. The project is not yet unpaused. Project pause status is toggleable by the project artist. This can be verified by reading the projectScriptInfo field.